Rock Paper ChugEdit

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011 – running time 58:19  This week on Diggnation, Alex and Kevin discuss Samsung outselling the iPhone, New Mac Pros, Giant Lego Men washing up on shores, Groupon's IPO, what is really in the McRib and Kevin discusses his company's first app, Oink! [1][2]

This week the guys discuss how Samsung is outselling the iPhone in the Smartphone market, Groupon's IPO, new Mac Pros, Giant Lego Men washing up on shores, and what's really in that McRib!

Plus Diggnation has its longest joke sponsor EVER involving a rock, paper, scissors tournament and a lot of beer drinking.

Be sure to check out the epic Diggnation beard contest and vote. If you want to see the evidence and weigh in visit:

Find all the details about the Diggnation Finale at

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