Water on MarsEdit

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011 – running time 41:07    This week, we shoot the penultimate episode of Diggnation! This week, we shoot the penultimate episode of Diggnation!

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Muslim Cleric Warns Cucumbers Too Sexy for Women and Bans Penis Shaped FoodsEdit

[1]10:14 | Play

Fake Woman Doctor Kills 22 Year Old Man by Injecting His Penis with Silicone During Pumping PartyEdit

[2]16:34 | Play

Apple May Launch 'iPad Mini' in Q3Edit

[3]21:18 | Play

Nasa Rover Finds 'Bulletproof' Evidence of Water on MarsEdit

[4]26:59 | Play

We're Doomed: Scientists Discover Jumping CockroachEdit

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