The Diggnation Finale: Part 2Edit

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012 – running time 1:19:00   In part 2 of the Diggnation Finale, we bring you all the other elements that took place on stage during the taping of the final show. Check out the Diggnation Finale exclusive photos on Flickr!

Everything begins with actor and comedian Kevin Pollak, running onstage and announcing Alex Albrecht and Kevin Rose. Pollak sits down with Kevin and Alex and interviews them about their experiences having hosted Diggnation and includes several questions that were submitted by viewers. Before the interview, there is a long highlight reel of some of the best moments from Diggnation over the years and after the interview, show a montage of many of Diggnation's friends of the show giving thanks (or more appropriately ROASTING) to the hosts. Next, a special performance from singer/songwriter and Diggnation friend, Kina Grannis. The show closes out with a few comments from fans who attended the event along with a musical send off from Andrew Bancroft (Jelly D and former host of The Digg Reel).

Diggnation Highlight ReelEdit

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Kevin Pollak interviews Alex Albrecht & Kevin RoseEdit

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Friends of Diggnation Roast Kevin and AlexEdit

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Kina Grannis PerformanceEdit

1:10:19 | PlayScore yourself all the Diggnation swag you want in our BRAND NEW STORE!

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