Diggnation is a weekly podcast hosted by Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht. Its main purpose is to discuss the top stories from, the popular social bookmarking website created by Rose. The show begins immediately with short advertisements for the podcast's current sponsors, and is usually followed with an advertisement for a fake sponsor. These fake ads have appeared on every episode starting with Episode 29, with a few exceptions.

List of Fake Sponsors Edit

Episode No. Date Sponsor Name Tagline
90 03/22/07 Fluffernutter When Fluff and nuts meet for fun
85 02/13/07 General Mills New Women's Cereal Count Cockula
84 02/08/07 Virgin America's Spacious Overhead Bins Take your Prager
83 02/01/07 Power Adapters "They never get the attention."
82 01/25/07 Sting Rays "They're nicer now!"
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